Skids & Packages Assembly

Skids & Packages Assembly
Stara Tech in addition to the engineering services, is able to build electro-instrumental plants for systems mounted on skid or packaged plants.
Stara Tech starting from project specifications assure the procurement of materials, the selection of the best products and produces detailed construction plans in order to guarantee to its customers a qualitative and transparent service.
The assembly activities are carried out by highly specialized staff with experience and knowledge of the high quality standards required by applications in the Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical fields.
All the installations are tested according to our internal procedures or in accordance with procedures agreed with the customers, and are accompanied by  a “Technical book” where all the certificates and test reports are collected.
In detail, the services and activities offered:
  • Mounting and installation of industrial instrumentation for gas and liquid applications
  • Lighting plants
  • Secondary earthing plants
  • Electrical heat tracing
  • Installation for Atex zone
  • Test and start-up
Impianti aria compressa, tubing
Skids, trattamento acqua
Assemblaggio strumenti
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