Control Cabinets

Stara Tech designs and builds power distribution switchboards, control cabinets, marshalling and interposing relay cabinet, and offers a complete service: engineering, construction, testing and start-up.
Every switchboard and cabinet is designed according to the Client needs, the best products and systems are selected in order to offer the best solution at the best price.
Taking advantage of the SPAC Automation software and other tools that we have developed, we are able to provide detailed documentation and produce fully automated lists and printouts in order to reduce development time and eliminate any compilation errors:
  • Wiring diagrams
  • One line diagrams
  • Cabinet overtemperature calculation
  • Short circuit strength calculation
  • Detailed internal/external cabinet layout
  • Detailed terminal strips and connection details
  • Loop diagrams
  • Detailed material lists
  • FAT and SAT procedures
  • Final documentation tailored according to customer standards
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