Available Positions

Commissions and oversees the installation of systems, plant and/or equipment at a client’s site.

Commissioning engineers are engaged in the testing of facilities, equipment and plants to make sure they function correctly and produce the expected results. In doing so they bring the product or system to a point at which it can be used most effectively. Commissioning engineers therefore need to possess a thorough understanding of manufacturing and product use, as well as of customer expectation.

Commissioning engineering embraces the installation and commissioning of all types of engineering projects, so commissioning engineers can be found in all branches of engineering.

Work activities

  • Identifying problems and shortcomings with existing systems.
  • Co-ordinating testing and commissioning activities and providing advice on testing and commissioning procedures and documentation.
  • Producing or assisting in the production of all test and commissioning documentation.
  • Undertaking testing and commissioning activities in line with the specified site requirements.
  • Monitoring progress, recording all test results, witnessing final testing and acceptance of equipment and compilation of all documentation for inclusion in the site test dossier.
  • Ensuring the safe testing and commissioning of completed installations to achieve the necessary plant performance in accordance with project programme requirements.

Work conditions

Travel: during the working day, travel is a regular feature of the job. Travel abroad may be possible with large companies.
Working hours: regular office hours with occasional long days and some weekends depending on projects deadlines. Overnight and weekend stays away from home may be required.
Location: throughout all countries

Typical employers

Opportunities for commissioning engineers are quite varied as they are employed in a wide range of industry sectors including:

  • Glass industries as a principal sector ( more information on staraglass.it )
  • Construction and building services
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Energy utilities
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Water treatment


Career development

Promotion to senior engineer level is possible and, with more experience, to principal engineer level and beyond.


Salaries will vary depending on employer skills.

Skills and qualities

  • Sound mathematical and technical skills.
  • Ability to think methodically, to design, plan and manage projects.
  • Ability to maintain an overview of entire projects while continuing to attend to detailed technicalities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Negotiating, supervisory and leadership skills combined with the ability to delegate.