Stara Tech designs and manufactures PLC and DCS systems for process control and industrial machines. In collaboration with the electro-instrumental department we can offer to our customers a complete solution based on the study until the completion and start-up of the plant.
Our approach is oriented to create solutions tailored to your specific requirements and suitable for all industrial applications: centralized, distributed, redundant systems, HMI (Human Machine Interface), based on operator panels or on SCADA supervision stations.
The projects follow a widely experienced and successful operational scheme, following a rigorous design methodology. Our solutions are based on standard templates, developed by us, and used for all the most repetitive functions, such as motor control, valve control, PID control and alarm management.
  • Industrial network design
  • System architectures
  • Hardware selection
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical bid evaluations
  • Specifications and functional logic descriptions
  • Cause / effect diagrams
  • Logic diagrams
  • Development of PLC and DCS softwares
  • Development of HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Database data exchange
  • Fieldbus networks
  • Teleservice
  • Start-up and commissioning services
  • Technical assistance for troubleshooting, maintenance, retrofit and revamping