About us

Stara Tech
supports its customers during all phases of a project dealing with the technical and economic feasibility studies, basic engineering, construction and detailed engineering, coordination and supervision of works, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up facilities.
The company’s aim has always been to offer to its customers a consultancy service characterized by competence, flexibility and organization, focusing it on continuous quality improvement, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
On the basis of these principles Stara Tech over the years, collaborating with the major companies in the sector, has invested in the improving of its technical, human and organizational resources.
Today’s staff consists of a solid group of highly skilled professionals, and therefore Stara Tech represent a reliable partner, competitive and always available to understand and meet the needs of its customers.
The variability and complexity of the reference markets, make it necessary to constantly monitor the competitive environment in which the company is inserted, for an accurate definition of corporate development strategies.
Stara Tech verifies and constantly redefines its position on established markets, analyzes the relevant interested parties in order to achieve the aims and objectives, and finally analyzes the possible business developments to identify a correct expansion strategy.
Strategic marketing and business development activities are developed, in national and international markets, in order to define a sustainable growth plan and long-term, based on the concept of risk-based thinking where risks and opportunities are analyzed.
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